Gná and her celestial steed

My friend Judith Jesch, who blogs as viqueen has posted about the obscure Norse goddess Gná, ahead of our trip to Svalbard at the end of this week. I suggested that Gná might be the goddess of the Northern Lights, which we are anxious to see (I managed to sleep through them in Reykjavík in 2010). The image above is a wonderful sculpture by the Australian sculptor Harrie Fasher. It’s called ‘Transition’ and was to be seen at Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney this November. I was lucky enough to meet and talk to Harrie about this energetic horse bursting out of the ground, travelling between the worlds. Harrie, who’d been on more than one creative workshop in Iceland, told me that ‘Transitions’ was inspired by the little verse that Snorri Sturluson quotes which tells us almost all we know about this dimly recalled figure.


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