Video and Audio

Here are some links to radio, audio and video broadcasts:



The Lore of the Land, broadcast on Radio 4 in September 2015

Some In Our Time episodes:

The Icelandic Saga, from 2013

The Fisher King, from 2008

Geoffrey Chaucer, from 2006

The Norse Gods, from 2004

The Holy Grail, from 2003


Talking about language and medieval literature with the President of St John’s College

Wolves and Winter: Old Norse Myth and Children’s Literature

Game of Thrones: History, Medievalism and How It All Might End (a lecture at the University of Sydney, October 2016)

Thinking about Feeling: Emotion, Text and Audience (seminar paper given at University of Western Australia, November 2016)



An interview about the German translation of Winter is Coming (July 2016)

Trailer for the German translation of Winter is Coming (May 2016)

Heroes and Villains in Game of Thrones (January 2016)